Celtx Next Gen

Hi everyone,

In a couple of weeks, we will be releasing new stuff.

Stuff, as in everything we make, will be new. This all has to do with a new, free, personal cloud service that we have been working on diligently for about a year now.

You’ll see changes across the board.

Celtx dot com

In an effort to provide a more personal experience, the new www.celtx.com web site asks for you to create your own, free, private, Celtx account.  Your Celtx account becomes your gateway to everything we make and do. It is your personal space.

You can download the new version of the desktop software from your Celtx account. You can access any of our add-ons and Learning Series from your account. And of course, we provide quick links to all of our mobile apps.

Your Celtx account also provides you with immediate access to the new Celtx Services.

Celtx Services

Celtx Services is a free cloud offering. It works with the Celtx desktop software and our mobile apps - Celtx Script and Celtx Shots.

You can use Celtx Services to store your media projects in the cloud, sync your Celtx Projects and scripts across all of your devices, and to enable co-ordinated collaborating with others on your Projects.

You can upload any file to your private Celtx account. You can share any file or Celtx Project in your Celtx account, and you can use the Activity stream to keep track of any contributions made to a file or Project.

We have added a light weight web editor for working on scripts in the browser. It supports all five script types (Screenplay, Stage, Audio, Comic and AV) and works with scripts in a Celtx Project and any scripts added directly from a mobile device.

We plan on adding some commercial tiers with additional features and more storage, all priced competitively, but our focus for now is on making the free Celtx Services as good as it can be.

Mobile Apps

We have new versions of Celtx Script and Shots in the Apple app store. These are configured to work with the new Celtx Services. A few new features are included, as well as some bug fixes.


We also have a new Android version of Celtx Script! It supports all five script types (Screenplay, Stage, Audio, Comic and AV) and includes all the same goodness of the iOS versions, including the ability to sync your scripts with your Celtx account, using the new Celtx Services.

We are committed to the Android platform, and to that end, a goal for 2012 is to have the same apps on Android that we support on iOS.

New Mobile Sync

The new versions of the mobile apps all use the new Celtx Services to sync scripts across devices (and for offsite backups).  The old Sync service will still work if you decide to delay upgrading to the new versions, so no worries there.

Once you have upgraded to the new versions of Celtx Script and Celtx Shots, you’ll need to create a new Celtx account so you can continue to sync your scripts across devices.

The good news is that you can now login directly to your Celtx account via any browser (mobile support coming soon!) and manage any scripts you have uploaded to Celtx Services via the new sync.

Celtx Studios

The Celtx Studios are still available to all active subscribers. You can access all of your Studio stored Celtx Projects from the desktop software, and you can still login to your Studio to manage your Celtx Projects, enable sharing, create previews and access past versions of Projects.

We will eventually retire the Celtx Studios, but not for a while, and not before we have comparable offerings added to Celtx Services.


The new version of the desktop software supports the new Celtx Services. You can open and edit Projects that are stored in your Celtx account. You can also open and edit scripts that were created on any mobile device and saved to your Celtx account.

The new version of the desktop software also supports the Celtx Studios, so no worries about getting interrupted midway through a Project.


We rely on the wisdom of our community to guide us in developing Celtx. Getting timely feedback is essential to this process, so please contact us if you would like to see anything, or not, in the software, in the cloud, or on your mobile device - info@celtx.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on what we’ve been up to. Looking forward to when it all goes live, which should be any day now….

Mark Kennedy



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